Lyng Gruppen

Lyng Gruppen AS, is a private investment company, and the parent of the Lyng Group.

Our investments are mainly partnerships with other people and organizations with expertice in the relevant fields.
Our history of new businesses is a long line of innovations and creativity within our own organisation, or partnering with other innovative people.
Diversification rather than single focus has been our culture.
Our business today spans from manufacturing industries and water desalination to real estate and tourism.
The LYNG GROUP history dates back more than 60 years, when founder Bjørn Lyng expanded his smithy to an iron foundery in Vanvikan Norway, making the first electricity in the area from a waterfall
His long line of successful businesses include more than 25 different companies still operating today.
The legacy has been continued by his son Ragnar Lyng, Chairman and main Shareholder since 1988.